The Gapp Lab (therapeutic games and apps) is a collaboration between the Center for Medical Innovation and the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program. Located in the Eccles Health Sciences Library, this unique facility hosts over 35 graduate students and staff working on medical games and apps. The Gapp Lab has several unique advantages: proximity allows for easy collaboration with health professionals, a dedicated lab allows students and staff to leverage time and expertise across multiple projects, and full access to the library allows our research to be well grounded and cutting-edge. This experimental lab is a unique tool that positions us to do excellent work.

We are producers, designers, artists and engineers with the EAE Program at the University of Utah

We are students, we are faculty, and we are industry professionals

We are passionate, curious, creative and committed, and we are also technologically agnostic

At The Gapp Lab we believe that the strength of the U of U is having world-class researchers in a variety of areas. By bringing game developers and medical researchers together we can create therapeutic medical games and apps that are innovative, ​highly engaging and clinically validated.

We create therapeutic, medical, academic and educational video games, mobile apps, and websites for groups that wish to partner with EAE.

We’ve created student 47 positions over the course of 2 semesters.

We employ grad students, undergrad students, instructors and faculty of the EAE Program.

Center for Medical Innovation

Fueled by a collaborative effort between the University of Utah Health Sciences Center, The David Eccles School of Business, The College of Engineering and The Technology Venture Development Program, the Center for Medical Innovation combines formal education programs, faculty and student project development, and support and facilitation of device development and commercialization.

Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library

The mission of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library is to advance and transform education, research, and health care through dynamic technologies, evidence application, and collaborative partnerships. The library contributes to the success of health professionals, students, researchers and the community.

Entertainment Arts & Engineering

EAE is an interdisciplinary program between the College of Engineering and the College of Fine Arts. This encompasses the wide array of fields in video game design and development, and students from both colleges work closely together throughout their academic careers. This partnership between disciplines reflects the current state of the interactive entertainment business world, and our students leave the program prepared to work effectively in a team environment.